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The James Cook University Hospital

The James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough is a designated major trauma centre and provides all its specialties from one site which is unique for a hospital of its size.

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Friarage Hospital

Since 2002, the Friarage Hospital has been – and continues to be – an essential part of our organisation and an important point of delivery for the community. It is one of the smallest district general hospitals in the country.

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East Cleveland Primary Care Hospital

The hospital has a dedicated team of staff including nursing staff, physiotherapists and occupational therapists to ensure patients receive individualised, holistic care package of the highest quality care tailored to their needs.

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Guisborough Primary Care Hospital

Guisborough Primary care Hospital provides an outpatient department with a wide range of services including clinics held by consultants from the acute sector.

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Redcar Primary Care Hospital

Following the latest inspection by the Care Quality Commission, the services we provide at the hospital were found to be ‘good’ overall and meeting all the CQC national standards.

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The Friary Community Hospital

Within the Friary Community Hospital there is Victoria ward which contains 18 beds – 12 are for GP use and six for intermediate care.

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