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Strategic Direction

Strategic direction - looking forward

Looking ahead to 2019/20, we have developed an Annual Plan to build on our strategic objectives whilst incorporating the Five Year Forward View and NHS Mandate.

The Executive Directors have prepared the 2019/20 budget following robust analysis of the key operational priorities and risks.

Our budget planning assumptions included identifying additional savings opportunities whilst negotiating with NHS Improvement on the level of Control Total for 2019/20. Following this review the Chief Executive and the Executive Team identified productivity and efficiency initiatives (£26.8m net) to address the Trust’s financial gap.

The Trust is working within the South Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), to deliver a further £20m of additional productivity and efficiency savings, in order to achieve the Trust’s financial targets. The total required system targets across the Tees Valley equates to £62m.

The Board prepared budgets on the basis of the delivery of financial targets to place the Trust on a sustainable financial footing whilst ensuring the delivery of associated operational performance targets.

At the same time as working hard to achieve financial stability, the Board will continue to focus on the quality of the services we deliver, on developing and retaining a high-quality workforce and on playing a leading role in the wider health and social care system to which we belong.

Quality continues to drive our strategy. Our Executive Medical Directors and Director of Nursing and Quality promote a quality-focused culture throughout the Trust. Our patient safety priorities will include improved recognition and reporting of patient safety issues, developing our patient experience programme and improving clinical effectiveness by ensuring patients have a safe, effective and timely discharge. We are driving standardisation through our operational processes and implementing new operating standards for all our clinical services, underpinned by clear and consistent performance and quality measures.

Through the delivery of our medical education strategy we will be expanding our undergraduate and post graduate training facilities welcoming more students to our Trust. The newly developed Durham and Tees Valley Research Alliance (DTVRA) will provide greater opportunities and access to research for our patients.

We are an important part of a wider health and social care economy. We will continue to be an active partner in the development of the South Integrated Care Partnership to develop and deliver clinical strategies for hospital services, developing better ways and new ideas to provide patient care across the Tees Valley. We are therefore playing a key role in pushing for efficiency gains and quality improvements.

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