Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Visions and Values

Our purpose is to deliver the best possible care to our patients and so we have defined our mission as:

“Seamless, high quality, safe healthcare for all”

While our mission simply states what we want to do, our vision is our ambition for how well we will do it.

The trust is already nationally recognised as one of the leading healthcare providers in England for the quality of our services.

We have always placed the highest priority on patient safety and recognise the importance of continuous service improvement.

Our vision is for our standards of patient safety, quality and continuous improvement to be recognised as those which others aspire to.

“To be recognised nationally for excellence in quality, patient safety, patient experience, social engagement and continuous improvement”

Our values express our ethos as an organisation (how we work together), setting out the fundamental standards and expectations we all have of each other:

  • Putting the needs of patients at the centre of everything we do
  • Continuously improving quality
  • Supporting, respecting and valuing each other
  • Using our resources to benefit the wider community

Financially strong to underpin quality, safety and improvement.

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